Saturday, July 28, 2007

EDM #23: Draw your foot

I had minor toe surgery for a bone spur yesterday. As soon as the surgery was scheduled, I knew it provided me with the perfect opportunity to painlessly complete EDM challenge #23- draw your foot. Do you think I'm cheating? I mean, there's only one toe showing...

For the next two weeks I'm supposed to keep my foot elevated as much as possible. A less principled person might milk the situation, but I'll settle for a weekend of being waited on by my sweet husband. (Ronnell, I bought all the ingredients for your nectarines in rose syrup, intending to make it the day before my surgery, but the nectarines weren't ripe enough. My husband actually prepared it this afternoon - with only a bit of coaching from me. Can't wait to have it for dessert. Thanks for listing the ingredients in metric and the U.S. measurement system for cooking. Is the U.S. the only country in the world that still hasn't converted 100% to the metric system?)

I have a laptop, books and art supplies at hand, so plan to have a very relaxed and productive weekend, doing at least a couple of the things I love most in life.


Lin said...

GOOD LUCK with your recovery! And your new blog! I so enjoy your work and i"m look forward to more -- especially as you're 'resting!'

Lynn said...

That's a fabulous drawing of your foot (and yes, it does count even if only one toe is showing). The new blog looks great! Hope your foot is better soon.