Wednesday, August 1, 2007

EDM #129: Draw people doing something

This is a graphite sketch, drawn from a photo, of my daughter-in-law reading to my granddaughter Georgia. Unfortunately, it bears virtually no resemblance to either of them. Anyway, now I'm almost caught up on the most recent EDM challenges!


Alison said...

Well, it's a nice sketch anyway with a feeling of intense interest in the book and closeness between mother and daughter. It's so difficult to get a resemblance. That's why, in my memory paintings, I never do faces of known people

Rah Kyndl said...

You are braver than I: drawing people. (I would also venture to guess that the resemblance is probably greater than the lack thereof.)
Anyway, whoever this attractive woman and her angelic child 'are', the drawing itself conveys a very close relationship; curiosity; love; rapt attention; ease; and a palpable sense of familiarity between artist and subjects. To me, that indicates 'success'.