Saturday, December 1, 2007

Comfort Food

Ronell's recent post at My French Kitchen about eating comfort food with friends started me thinking about which foods I find most comforting. Aside from the obvious list of sweets, beginning with all things chocolate, I realized that almost everything on my comfort food list includes noodles – macaroni and cheese, chicken soup, spaghetti, lasagna, etc. It's hard to beat the comfort of carbs! And now I think I will have to add this dish of spicy shrimp, asparagus and udon noodles. I made it after a day of shopping and running errands in the freezing fog, which has enveloped southern Oregon for days. You'll find the recipe at Kitchen Canvas, if you're interested:

I really love the way the Japanese Udon noodles are packaged, divided into three neat little bundles, each tidily wrapped with ribbon. In looking at the package I discovered they are actually a product of Australia, so a lot of carbon fuel was burned getting them to me in the United States.

When only food will comfort, what appeals to you?


Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I also love noodles as a comfort food, maybe because they are "easy", which is what I'm looking for when I need "a hug". Unfortunately we don't have much of it, bcause no-one in my family is really a noddel/pasta fan...but I am soon to be alone again, then I'll come back here to whip this one up for me...and indulge freely!

Joan Y said...

Oh, this recipe sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, I am allergic to crustaceans so can't partake. But, I love udon noodles! Admittedly tho', when I am sick, the only thing I can keep down are cheetoes! haha. Maybe I'll have to save that for my 7 interesting fact about me (which I have yet to finish!~ :) ). Great drawing Sharon!

Sharon said...
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