Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here are a few tree studies for Vivian Blackburn's tree challenge.

These black oaks are ungainly, with little foliage and often a lot of stringy moss at the top. Not a particularly attractive tree, but I do like watching them sway back and forth wildly on stormy days.

(Watercolor with graphite on smooth Bristol)

There are a lot of these in Oregon...

(Watercolor on Magnani Pescia 100% rag)

I'm not sure what these trees are, but I love the greyish/blue color.

(Watercolor on Magnani Pescia 100% rag)


Robyn said...

Sharon, what a treat it is to open this post and see all your beautiful trees. Colours are wonderful - the grey ones are gorgeous and I love the glass clear quality of your watercolour. Are you using a HP paper?

Pilgrim said...

My fave Oregon tree is the ponderosa pine with it's huge cones and distinctive bark.
I think your gray trees are Russian olives (common in Oregon).
Nice work.

sue said...

Wow! These tree studies are beautiful! I really like your treatment of them here, Sharon. Those gray trees are so delicately painted.

Ann said...

Absolutely beautiful trees! I do admire your sensitivity with watercolor.

There is an award on my blog with your name on it if you'd like to stop by!

Anonymous said...

It's all lovely. (Now I'm returning to the vicarious visuals from a few posts back. ;-)

Sherry said...

On a hike that darn near killed me I took a photo of grove of trees in Rocky Mtn. National Park that I want to try. I love trees, and like many other people, I have real problems capturing their charm. Your grey truck trees are really nice, repetition and variation, rhythm. I will get off my dead rear and try them tomorrow.

laura said...

Sharon--I missed these ... but I'm glad I scrolled down: they're simply beautiful, just perfect!! I too love the grays in the bottom one, and the shadows; and the way the evergreens are placed on the page and the juicy darks are just great!