Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3: Il Letto

Buon giorno! Continuing on my morning theme, here is a little sketch of il letto - my messy bed. What you do not see in this drawing is my pencil post bed frame. It's visible to me quite clearly in my mind’s eye, but in reality, it is still on my husband’s drawing board.

A talented woodworker, my husband has built most of the furniture in our home. It’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing to have custom furniture, well built, of solid hardwood. But because he builds the furniture in his spare time, it is sometimes a very long wait to get the piece I want.

Occasionally, I get impatient and decide to buy a piece of furniture ready-made. When I take my husband to see the furniture, he always spends time quietly looking at it, turning it over to check the construction. He then proceeds to point out the flaws and inevitably says, “The cost for materials to make this would only be $_____." (ALWAYS, many, many hundreds of dollars less.) And so, we walk out of the store without the furniture and I wait some more.

But I am hopeful. Last year he made two cherry nightstands for the bedroom and a lovely new dresser, so I feel certain it won’t long…


A Brush with Color said...

Sweet post! I think it's marvelous that he makes furniture, but I can also relate to the frustration of waiting. Your painting here is wonderful! It jumped right out at me. My mom used to make us dust ruffles for our beds, and something about your painting here reminds me of hers...charming.

caseytoussaint said...

It will come! This is really a lovely drawing.

Bill Fulton said...

I love the drawing...I can almost touch the cotton.
My wife and I have almost exactly the same scenario about purchasing vs. building furniture...but my record of actually getting any furniture built is dismal -- actually almost non-existent except in my mind. I beg you, have patience with the man.