Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arte de Pico

Willow, blogger extraordinaire at Willow Manor has sent this award my way. If you haven’t visited Willow’s website, do so now. It’s an eclectic delight – recipes, poetry, art, music, movies, ghosts, antiques and much more.Thank you Willow.

And now I’m passing the award on to some of my favorite blogs:
1. Suzanne at A Brush with Color
2. Jana at Jana’s Journal and Sketch Blog
3. Robyn at Have Dogs will Travel
4. Jennifer at Sketch-a-Rama
5. Judy at A Drawing a Day

If you wish to participate, the rules to follow with this award are:
1) Choose five blogs that you consider deserving of this award
for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also
contribution to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) Post the name of the author and link to each award winning blog.

3) Each award winner posts the award and the name and link to the blog of the award presenter.

4) The award winner and one who has given the prize should post the link of Arte yPico blog, the origin to this award.


A Brush with Color said...

Oh, my gosh, Sharon--thank you! That's very sweet of you--I'm flattered if you're liking my blog--I LOVE your blog and your artwork, so that is a compliment to me. Uh oh--Now, I have to figure out how to do what you did here--I'm not the most computer savvy! LOL--thanks again!! sue

willow said...

You are very welcome, Sharon! A well, deserved award, I must say. Your wonderful artsy blog was one of the very first I found back in February when I was a newby. :)

Robyn said...

Oh my, it's a compliment to me too, Sharon and a lovely surprise. Like Sue, I'm now in a bit of a fluster trying to work out how I pass it on. Might have to wait for a clear head in the morning.

Many, many thanks.

Jennifer Lawson said...

Wow, Sharon I was so surprised by this lovely award. It is such a compliment coming from you. I love coming to your blog and seeing your beautiful watercolors. Like Robyn, I am a bit flustered and will have to take a moment to plan on how to pass it along. Busy these days with commissioned pet portraits, moving and travel, so bear with me...

Thank you again so much.

Judybec said...

WOW! Thank YOU so much for the award Sharon! I too, love seeing your blog... I especially love the name and all the diversity of your postings! Now, I guess I'd better do some thinking.... and linking!

Thanks again!

laura said...

What terrific blogs--thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to include me on your list of awardees (if that's a word). Thank you very much. I'm honored!

paris parfait said...

Congrats to you - well-deserved!

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions Sharon...well deserved!