Saturday, September 27, 2008

An abundance of tree peonies

I had dinner at a friend's house for my birthday in May and she sent me home with this beautiful tree peony. The photo is the subject for this month's Virtual Sketch Date.

I've drawn and painted the flower several times during the past few months. My first attempt (ink & watercolor) was done from life, right before the ripe flower blew apart. My painting is a bit blowsy and overdone.

This ink and watercolor wash was my second attempt. Anemic.

I also tried it using charcoal pencil.


leslie said...

That is interesting to see the center of the peony...looks like a poppy center.
This has become quite the famous peony, hasn't it?

BMoon said...

Your final came out scrumptious...and I really like seeing your studies...and love the ink and wash.

df said...

When you do these different versions, I'm most drawn (no pun intended) to the drawings. That is not to say the watercolors aren't nice, but your drawing skills are very powerful. This charcoal is fantastic!