Monday, December 29, 2008

Snail Bird

The drive took twice as long as it should have, but we arrived safely in Portland last Tuesday and enjoyed a very pleasant holiday with our family. Christmas with a three year old is just FUN!

Although Georgia received a number of gender neutral presents, her new doll seemed to be her favorite gift. In addition to the doll, she received a small wicker laundry basket with clothesline and clothes pins and a child-size iron and ironing board, also big hits. Almost immediately Georgia B.'s Laundry was open for business. She took the doll clothes off the hangers and stuffed them under a pillow on the sofa (her pretend washing machine). After a while the clothes were hung up to dry, then ironed and returned to their hangers in the doll trunk. Then the cycle was repeated.

Oh, and the doll's new name?..."Snail-Bird" (shortened to Birdie). Don't ask. Because who can fathom the mind of a three year old.

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laura said...

At least it wasn't shortened to "Snailie"! What a sweet smile; she's adorable--and I love how she immediately set to work in her own made-up world.