Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I live in Oregon, the number one Christmas tree producing state in the nation. Last year Oregon harvested 7.3 million Christmas trees. They are bountiful and fairly inexpensive here, but this year we are without one. Since we will be spending Christmas at our son’s home this year, and because life is particularly hectic right now, we decided to skip the tree. My husband was THRILLED, since he is the one who ends up doing most of the work. I was okay with our decision until a few days ago when I suddenly began craving the scent of evergreens in my home…and greatly missed being able to enjoy my first cup of coffee in the dark living room, illuminated only by the lights on the tree.

So last weekend my husband cut down some evergreen boughs for me to use in this arrangement. And last night he spray painted some branches white for me.

And now there’s a hint of evergreens wafting through my home and life is feeling a little bit more festive.


Sandy said...

Well the sentiment is there, a lobely bouquet of greenery - Merry Christmas, enjoy visiting your son!

The Happy Painter said...

A lovely arrangement and what a nice husband you have.