Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Day...

Yesterday when I visited my mother she was participating in physical therapy and in good spirits. I was pleased and hopeful she had turned an emotional corner. I traveled on to Eugene for lunch with friends and visits to bookstores, a welcome respite.

But today, she was in total despair, sad, angry, refusing to participate in physical therapy, wanting to "just go home and die." I think it's painful for her to do the exercises, as the only pain medication she tolerates is Tylenol.  I was able to arrange for her to be moved to a better room - larger, with a window view of the patio area, in the rehab side of the facility. Because there were no rooms available in the rehab part when she was transferred from the hospital on Monday, she was in the long term care area, surrounded with the comatose and dying, not the best environment for recovery. I'm hopeful the change of rooms will help her spirits.

After I left her today, I went to a florist and bought this arrangement. Not for her really, she's always dismissive of flowers people send her, but to make her room look a little less dreary when I visit. I'll take them to her tomorrow.

This rendering is not very accurate - the pot is actually smaller (and square) and the plants were larger, but it felt really good to do something with pen and brush.


laura said...

Good! It's a nice sketch--the plants look like they're struggling a bit, but making it ... or am I reading into it? ;-) Your mom is lucky to have such a problem-solver in her corner; I hope the change of room will lift her spirits.

Sherry said...

Green things do have power to raise spirits - anyone's.

A Brush with Color said...

That's beautiful, Sharon! So lovely. I hope your mom can cheer up some seeing those to brighten things up. Lovely! You're a good daughter.

Bonny said...

I don't comment here very often but i do follow your Blog regularly. I think it's one of the nicest Blogs around :)

Your sketch of the plant for your mother's room is lovely. I think it's already working its magic on you and it will cheer up your Mom, too.

Hang in there. I know it can be tough some times. You're doing all the right things. Remember all the times your Mom was there for you.

Plain Jane said...

beautiful page...sorry about your mom...hang in there.

I saw a bumper sticker today that read "What would Scobey Doo?"